CA Dems headed for clean sweep statewide

The Morning After

by: Robert Cruickshank
Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 08:16

California Democrats are poised to have a clean sweep of the statewide elected offices, depending on whether Kamala Harris can maintain a razor-thin margin of victory over Steve Cooley. (Seriously, who the hell votes a Brown-Boxer-Newsom-Cooley ticket? WTF is wrong with those people?)[Harris is currently leading by a mere 15,000 vote]

Here are the results as we know them, with 96.6% reporting across California. Note that the Secretary of State's site appears to be back up. It's not her fault the site crashed - they apparently got screwed by a vendor that made promises they could not keep.

Current results, LA TIMES:

So. What all does this mean?

First, that Californians want to be governed by Democrats, and certainly not by wealthy CEOs. The Whitman bust is one of the most laughable and epic political failures we've ever seen. She spent $160 million to lose by double digits. Ultimately she and Fiorina could not overcome the basic contradiction of Republican politics: their base hates Latinos, but California's elections are increasingly decided by Latinos.

More importantly, Californians rejected right-wing economics. They rejected Whitman and Fiorina's attack on government and public spending to produce economic recovery.

The loss of the House stings - California will feel that painfully, not only because the first Speaker from California has lost her majority, but because the new House majority is deeply hostile to the values Californians just showed.

The propositions could have gone better. The defeat of Prop 19 was not surprising, and while I wish it had passed, it turned in a better showing than some had projected. Prop 21's failure just sucks; are people really skittish about spending $18 a year to save state parks? Prop 26's passage is going to cause a lot of problems. We won a huge victory in passing Prop 25 and defeating Prop 23, of course. And in what should come as no big surprise, voters overwhelmingly said they want redistricting done by an independent commission.

Looking at the legislative races, Democrats basically treaded water. With a more 2008-like turnout we could have flipped some of these seats, such as AD-68 or AD-70. But we've built a strong base for the future.

Overall, Californians rejected the right-wing and showed they want a Democratic future. But progressives still have our work cut out for us, both nationally and here in California.

NOTE: Kamala Harris declared victory Wednesday afternoon. On Friday, Nov. 5 with 100% of precincts reporting. She leads by 17,015 votes, a razor thin margin. Seems Cooley lost his home Los Angeles County, where he was soundly defeated by 14.5% -- or 258,685 votes. It is LA County that gave Harris her victory.

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