NCT blogger: Sanity was big winner in California


Emerald said on: November 3, 2010, 8:37 am

Nevada and Delware: Sure cakewalks for Republican favorites turned into Democratic saves
Connecticut: the Wrestling lady got pinned
Alaska: Moderate Murkowski leading Tea Party Miller in Palinís own state
New York: Tea Party weirdo loses big for governor
Washington: Patty Murray pulls out her Senate win against a rich Tea Party candidate

And in our own state, yes, we won huge:
Governor Brown, Senator Boxer, defeat the Big Oil Bullies and establish simple majorities for budgets proved that, unless youíre also an actor, money can buy you a Republican nomination (but not a Democratic one), but not a November win.

The CONS were predicting 70-90 House seats, possible Senate control, and specific Tea Party winners, not to mention California, and you got none of that.

Yeah, it ainít pretty, but the setbacks were far less than expected, and were much closer to the normal setbacks a new prez faces in his first midterms.

And setting up Darrell Issa to clog all legislative work with endless pointless investigations that people hate will not be pleasant, but will make it much more obvious to the squishy middle who the obstructionists are and solidify Obamaís reelection in 2012, especially if they decide to find out if the Tea Party, that canít win most statewide votes (outside the South), can win a national vote.

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