GOP bullies shove Bob Filner up against a wall

by Frank Gormlie on November 3, 2010

Tonight, as election returns were flowing into San Diego Election Central at Golden Hall, an ugly scene erupted when Popaditch supporters harassed Bob Filner, the Democratic Congressman. Filner had just won re-election against Popaditch in the 51st Congressional District.

Chanting aggressively and calling Filner names, a band of [Nick] Popaditch supporters corralled Filner and a couple of staffers, in effect pushing the Congressmen and his party close to a wall at Golden Hall. The crowd of Popaditch supporters were chanting their candidate’s name, not in an excited, friendly manner, but in an aggressive, confrontational way.

“Commie!” was yelled, and one tea bagger kept yelling at Filner – not 10 feet away – “Don’t tread on me, Bob! Don’t tread on me, Bob!” Others are heard picking that chant up, and repeating it.

Witnesses reported that the Popaditchistas pushed the Congressmen up against a wall, and some jostling and even “fistfights” break out. OB Rag writer Doug Porter, who was doing a “live blog” of the election with CityBeat folks, and they were all in touch with reporters at Golden Hall, reported:

Angry teabagger Poppavitch supporters back Bob Filner into wall. Little fistfights break out. Mayor Sander’s security rescues Filner. KUSI cameras on scene “see” nothing.

City Beat’s Dave Maass – who coordinated the “live blog” wrote this on Twitter:

I have not seen anything as disgusting as Popaditch smiling as his supporters push Filner and supporters up against a wall.

See this video:

Popaditch is a local Tea Party politician. He sets up his tents at each tea party rally, touts their support and actively seeks their endorsement. He has lost tonight – Filner has 60% of the vote -, but Popaditch’s behavior and the behavior of his supporters tonight reflect the Tea Party stance: if you don’t agree with us, get out of our way -even if we don’t win the vote!

The heavy undertones of violence and aggressive shown tonight towards Filner – a sitting Congressman – should make us all think about what the Tea Parties represent.

BOB FILNER won the election in a landslide:

U.S. House - District 51 - General
San Diego
California - 421 of 421 Precincts Reporting - 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Filner , Bob (i) Dem 61,625 60%
Popaditch , Nick GOP 41,631 40%


TEA Party thugs curse, shove, spit at Bob Filner


ELECTION REFLECTIONS: Both sides had victories and defeats. Republicans took back Congress, but Democrats held onto the U.S.. Senate and swept every statewide office in California.

The Tea Party is savoring victories in some areas, but locally one Tea Party backed candidate is in hot water. Several media outlets report thuggish actions by Nick Popaditch and a mob of supporters on Election Night, when Popaditch reportedly cursed at, then shoved his victorious opponent, Congressman Bob Filner. The mob, which pushed, shouted and spat at Filner and his backers, included a racist white Supremacist who posted a You-Tube video calling for armed insurrection.

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