Campaign for Nov. election accelerates

Here is a general schedule of what is coming in the Fallbrook, Vista and Oceanside areas. Volunteer. Sign up at under "events".
If you do not know how, call. Here is what you can do NOW.

There is a final call and invite to you to attend our Vista/San Marcos phone bank September 21, Tuesday night, at 5:30, hosted by Colleen. You can sign up at

More phonebanks follow on Thursday, September 23, the National Day of Action, to commemorate the passage of the health care reform bill 6 months earlier. In Oceanside, Thursday, September 23, there is a phonebank starting at 6 pm. Sign up at

In Fallbrook, Thursday, September 23, there is a phone bank starting at 6 pm. Sign up at


On Sunday, September 26, you are invited to attend Camp OFA on OFA strategy, tactics, outreach techniques and extensive training. We will carpool from Oceanside and Fallbrook to our local OFA headquarters in Moreno Valley.

Sign up for the Fallbrook carpool to Moreno Valley to Camp OFA at

Sign up for the Oceanside carpool to Moreno Valley at


We invite you to join us to register students in Oceanside, at Mira Costa College, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the coming weeks. Above all students should join to register fellow students. We will be there from 10 to 2 pm. Sign up at this link or similar ones:

Best wishes

Rolf vom Dorp

(Community Organizer for Congressional District 49 and 45)
PHONE 760 412-7305

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