Global Work Party Sponsored by is calling 10/10/10 "A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions." I know what many of you are thinking: Celebrate? What do we have to celebrate?

It's true, with all the devastating climate news out there in the world right now -- floods in Pakistan, environmental disasters in China, heatwaves across much of the planet, and a dead climate bill in the US Senate -- it's easy to get depressed.

Yet, looking over all the events now being planned for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, I can tell you that we're making progress. Your efforts are building a powerful movement--a movement strong enough to last us through these tough times.

We've still got a steep mountain to climb, and with politicians trying to back away from strong climate action your work is needed now, more than ever before.

If you're not yet involved, please join thousands of people across the planet by Finding or Starting an event for 10/10/10. Want to start an event but aren't sure quite what to do on 10/10/10? Read to help plan your 10/10/10 event.

I know that organizing an event is a big thing to ask of you--much harder than clicking a petition or emailing a politician. But organizing with our friends to transform our communities is fun too--and it's what it's going to take to make real progress.

We know that without organizing, we won't be able to build a movement large enough to push our politicians to take real climate action. A strong and vibrant climate movement will create the political space for our champions to lead; take-on the big polluters and bought-off politicians who are blocking progress; and help us implement innovative climate solutions from the ground up.

And the best part? Getting to work building this movement is easier than you think.

All across the planet right now, people like you are taking a few hours out of their week to start planning a community event for 10/10/10. They're figuring out that organizing a Work Party is just like organizing a normal party, you just need to:

Pick the time and the place
Choose some activities (try figuring out how to cut your emissions 10% in 2010--think planting trees, installing efficient lightbulbs, and fixing up bikes. For more ideas, click here.)
Plan some entertainment (a local band, some engaging speakers, or an art project--like painting a mural about climate solutions.)
Invite the person you're trying to impress (invite that girl or guy you think is cute, but also be sure to invite your local politicians and tell them to "Get to work!")
And make sure to take photos (that's how we'll show the world all our good work, and stitch together a powerful global mosaic of action.)
Your event will be united with thousands of other events around the world. You'll also be supported by some great organizations, like our allies at 10:10, Greenpeace, and many others who have signed on to make the day a big success.

Together, we'll send a powerful signal to our world leaders: we're getting to work, what about you?

With so much at stake, it's not surprising that the allies of the big polluters are trying to convince the public that progress is impossible, that we'll never see government action on climate change. But we know that it's not a lack of technology or science or good policy that's holding back progress: it's a lack of political will.

With your help, we'll create that political will from the ground up. It's the work that's worth doing, and it is the work that will really make a difference -- if we stand up and do it together.

Please join thousands of people across the planet by signing up an event for 10/10/10 today:

Thank you,

Jamie Henn for the Team

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