You Can’t Vote Away Civil Rights

By Christine L. Assad - of Fallbrook, CA

In the August 26th L.A. Times, there was an Editorial by George Skelton of Sacramento titled "The state Doesn’t have to back Prop. 8 – but should," Mr. Skelton states that since Prop 8 was voted in by a majority of the people as a law, than the present Gov. Schwarzenegger and potential future Gov. Brown should support it, since it is their duty to support laws as well as their voters wishes.

I perceive the main premise of this argument to be false. First it is unconstitutional to vote away civil rights. Prop 8 should never have been permitted. It should not have been put to a majority vote.

The U.S. Constitution takes precedence over any majority public opinion. The Constitution guarantees equal rights to all people, not just the ones who are popular.

No law should be followed or supported if it discriminates against a group or class of people. If prop 8 stands, it is the same as being able to vote against interracial marriage in the South in the fifties. It would be the same as voting against a person's right to vote just because they have a different color skin or different shaped eyes or just because they are women. Do you want the Governor to enforce a prejudice or discriminate because majority opinion rules? I don't. I want equal civil rights for all.

The Supreme Court ruled Prop 8 to be unconstitutional. That is the truth and that is what should be supported. It would be wrong for the Governor to support or enforce a prejudicial, discriminatory and unconstitutional law simply because the majority of the people want him to. In this case, majority does not rule.

Christine L. Assad

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