Ark. progressive may knock out Blue Dog Senator

Dear MoveOn member,

Huge news from Arkansas: A new poll out last week shows Bill Halter has pulled within 7 points of Blanche Lincoln in the Senate primary.1 Lincoln has fallen below 40%, a terrible position for an incumbent to be in.
Halter's got huge momentum: He's steadily closing the gap in the polls. Thanks to grassroots support, he raised 50% more money in a single month than she's raised this entire year.

As lieutenant governor of Arkansas, Bill Halter has fought to make sure every child in Arkansas can afford to go to college, helped organize free clinics to offer health care to people without insurance, and opposed vicious anti-gay ballot measures. But he needs our help to overcome Sen. Lincoln and her millions in campaign contributions from corporate interests. Can you chip in?

At this critical moment in the race, Bill Halter has recorded a special video update for MoveOn members. Click here to watch it—and then consider chipping in $10 to help his campaign:

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