Stacy Taylor's thoughts on Steve Poizner's TV Ad

"Hell, I thought the 12% unemployment rate, the collapse of Wall Street and itís trillion dollar bail-out, the demise of the auto industry, an endless war in the Middle East, and a 30% nose dive in the real estate market were the factors that took Cali to the brink of economic meltdown, when all along it was the illegal immigrant, Californiaís perpetual political bogey man. Shit fire! Of late, I thought the little brown-skinned bastards were guilty of nothing more than shattering the early morning silence with their damnable leaf-blowers and driving their un-waxed and un-sightly Plymouth Neonís through out toney suburbs, but once again I am forced to confront the reality that the the hermanos are the source of all that is calamitous and evil in our society." (From

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