A letter to Valero’s CEO

Nina Hall
Mr. Klesse,

I met one of your paid signature gatherers today at the store. He wasn't getting much business, and he certainly didn't get mine. I had the distinct pleasure of telling him where to shove his petition. Now that I found out that you're spending half a million to get your intended gutting of AB 32 on the ballot, I'm really glad I told that guy exactly where to shove it!

What you deep-pocketed thieves fail to understand is that going green will create jobs, good jobs, and lots of them. But then it's not jobs you're concerned with, nor lowering unemployment. All you're concerned with is the continued unfettered, unregulated and ignored rape and pillage of our Earth until the ocean is one vast oil slick, our water too toxic to drink and our air too polluted to breathe, and mugging your customer's pockets for top dollar to pad your profits in the process!

As a former Valero customer, it will be my distinct pleasure to lead the charge in boycotting all Valero Energy owned and supplied gas stations until you drop your funding of the ballot initiative that will destroy California landmark clean energy and air pollution law, AB 32.

And I'll tell all my friends to do the same.

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