Boycott Valero and Arco Gas!

In 2006, California passed The Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), making our state number one in the world in legislating real reductions in the greenhouse gases including C02 that cause global warming.

Now Valero Energy a Texas-based oil company has already spent half a million dollars to fund a deceptive initiative that would destroy AB 32, California's landmark clean energy and air pollution law.

Valero is directing its corporate funds to a campaign seeking to take our law off the books via the California initiative process. If Valero's money can generate enough paid signatures to get this initiative on the ballot, the company may succeed in rolling back AB 32 in November's election.

Valero and another Texas-based oil company, Tesero, are going to need to spend at least a million dollars to gather signatures for a November ballot initiative that would kill AB 32 and new clean energy development.

Valero and Tesero operate gas stations under the following brands. Boycott all of these locations:

Diamond Shamrock
Corner Store
USA Petroleum

Adam Quinn, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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