Giant Demonstration - 7th Anniversary of Iraq War

Carrier USS Midway Museum
910 North Harbor
San Diego, CA 92101

March 20, 2010, the 7th anniversary of the Iraq war

The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice joins hands with the San Diego Veterans For Peace.

More than 1 Million dead,
6,000 American Soldiers killed.

6,000 candles - The cost of War

Please mark your calendars to participate in part or all of this event.

Starting and Concluding at the USS Midway Museum, Harbor Dr. San Diego

8 AM to 8 PM - VFP – Arlington West crosses and candles for all those killed and wounded – Help us shine a light on “The Cost of War” -

12 Noon to 6 PM - VFP – Reflection Area: For everyone, military and civilian, that have lost someone in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to share their memories. Books to write in, coloring materials for children – Completed books will be sent to President Obama to remind him of the cost of War. A small podium and PA system will be provided allowing for people to share their poems or memories of those lost.

1-3 PM – SDCPJ - Gather to decorate cars (parking lot Old Naval Hospital Building, Park Blvd and Presidents Way)

3-5 PM - SDCPJ - “End The Wars” Car caravan through San Diego ending at Harbor and Broadway

5-6 PM – SDCPJ – “End The Wars” Bannering at Broadway and Harbor Drive

6 PM - SDCPJ/VFP - join together at the USS Midway Museum
The Native American Drummers – A Call For Peace

6:30 PM – VFP/SDCPJ Candlelight Vigil along Harbor Drive/Embarcadero
– Candles provided by Veterans For Peace -

Lunches for homeless folks, the poor

Vets for peace will also be handing out bagged lunches to the homeless folks, veterans and neighbors, who live in the surrounding area. We've had quite a bit of success in the past doing these lunches made up of food donated by our members. The lunch bags will be packed on location so the individuals can choose some of the items to go in the bags.

If you plan to attend please help out by bringing some sandwiches. If you make meat sandwiches don't add mayo or mustard as we have packets of mustard, mayo, and relish on hand and please label the type of sandwich on the baggies. We can also use some fresh softer fruit - bananas and oranges and also some pop top individual serving canned beans.

More info:

Dave Patterson, SDVFP

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