SDCPJ will protest Afghanistan War tonight

Wednesday, December 2 2009
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

In front of Susan Davis' office (University Avenue and Fairmount Avenue)
4305 University Avenue
San Diego, CA

San Diego, Wed. Dec. 2 - 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Subject to possible change.
Please forward widely.

President Obama has called for a major escalation in Afghanistan.
SDCPJ calls for a Demonstration The Day After his announcement

We call on Congress: End funding for the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We will hold a candleight vigil shortly after he does. So I propose that we follow this schedule

35,000 new US occupation troops next year.

$35 billion more to pay for the war and occupation.

No mention of our dead and wounded.

We don't yet know the details of the Afghanistan escalation, but these headlines are the best guess we have now, based on White House leaks.

We are in the deepest economic crisis in over 70 years, with the highest unemployment rates in living memory, and deep cuts in education and social services. We should not be forced to tighten our belts to pay for their imperial adventures.

Do you think things are headed in the wrong direction? We in the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice think so, and we know that many of you agree with us.

Join us in San Diego on the day after Obama announces his war escalation plan.
We will gather in front of Congressional Representative Susan Davis' office to demand that she oppose any funding for the wars and occupations.


In front of Susan Davis' office:
University Avenue and Fairmount Avenue
City Heights, San Diego.

End the Occupation of Afghanistan Now!
Healthcare, Jobs and Education - No to War and Occupation!

Tell your friends, coworkers, neighbors and fellow students! Bring your signs and banners! Spread the word! Bring candles and flashlights! Be there!

San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice –

National: a listing of events all over the US (from The World Can't Wait: The Gift of Visible Resistance)
The World Can't Wait

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