International Day of Climate Action

Vista: 350 Climate Action Festival-all day-Critical mass style bike ride through San Diego, focusing on more bike friendly environment and public transportation to reach the 350 goal.

Oceanside: 350 Event at the Fall Festival-McAuliffe Elementary School, 11:00am-2:00 pm-families will meet-up in front of the butterfly garden for a photo to be taken at some time during the school's Fall Festival. The time is "to be announced".

Ocean Breeze-Oceanside Pier, 9:00am-12:00pm-We are making 350 pinwheels that we plan to stick in the sand to symbolize wind energy. We chose the beach because ocean wind farms are a perfect step toward stopping global warming, you don't have an issue with the not in my back yard types, and you have a lot of wind over the ocean. If we allow global warming to continue, this beach, the pier, recreation center, everything that has become a distinct part of the culture in Oceanside will disappear. No more International surf competitions, no more fishing off the pier, all of it will be gone or drastically changed forever. We hope to have a large turnout of area residents who don't want to see the things they cherish, the reasons that they live in Southern California in the first place to vanish, so if you're in So Cal please join us in our efforts to make a strong statement in support of change to save not just the environment, but the human race as a whole.

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