Letters to the Editor Awards Night

Vista, CA

The North County "Academy Awards" for liberal writers

January 31, 2009 - in Vista

Mark your calendar for Letters to the Editor Awards Night, January 31, 2009 in Vista. We will also celebrate the inauguration of a new president, and the end of an error. This will be the 12th Annual Letters Night, a growing tradition brought by the North County Forum.

The Ceremony
Six voice actors rehearse and present the script, written by the Letters Committee entirely from actual letters. Full of laughs, some groans, and much appreciation for the letter writers to the North County Times. This is our biggest event each year, when we celebrate the best and worst of more than 6,000 letters published each year in the Times, which has the unique policy of publishing virtually every letter they get. This creates a virtual community of regular writers and readers on all sides of many subjects.

The North County Forum is an umbrella organization which puts liberals and progressives in North County together with each other, with resources, events, organizations, and information, especially political, environmental and antiwar. It was founded in 1997.

COST: - There is a cost of $20 per person, which includes a "liberal" and healthy supper snack catered by the Hill Street Cafe.

RSVP required.

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for more info.

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