NO on Prop 8 - Escondido rally every evening

All four corners
Valley Parkway and Escondido Blvd
Escondido , CA

A daily rally in Escondido for Marriage Rights for all. No on Prop 8.
From 4pm to 6pm: Valley Pkwy and Escondido Blvd, Rally. At the Monday rally, over 40 people participated. Friendly and enthusiastic response from motorists. Only a couple of rare motorists gave us the "Cunningham salute".

At the rally Monday, over 40 people participated,over 2/3 were young people, under age 22. Clearly, Same-gender marriage will be decided by our young generation, if not this year, then very near in the future.

Signs are provided, but a handmade sign has a stronger impact.

Report by J. Howard Crews

Rally in Ramona Thursday

Hello everyone

Today (Wed.) at the "No on 8"demonstration in Ramona we had 12 people. Most of them we hadn't seen before! Some of them with small children. Tomorrow the Ramona High School students pledged to return with friends, as did the people that were there today.

So tomorrow [Thursday, Oct. 31], you have the opportunity to be part of an incredibly large grass roots demonstration right here in Ramona! And anyway, the High School kids need us there to support them.

Mussey Grade Road, and Hwy 67, 4:30 to 6:00PM.

See you there with your No on 8 signs.

Dave Patterson

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