What makes the Sarah Palin anomie possible?

Joe Crews
INSIGHTS - What makes the Sarah Palin anomie possible?
by Joe Howard Crews
- Sep. 15, 2008

Where did this Sarah Palin come from? Not the woman governor. I mean this Palin anomie.

Anomie ~ Noun:
1. social instability: instability in society caused by the erosion or abandonment of moral and social codes.
2. social alienation: a feeling of disorientation and alienation from society caused by the perceived absence of a supporting social or moral framework.

How was Palin able to burst so large and powerful onto the center stage of power and adoration of American politics? How is it possible that she, like some Greek goddess, descended from Mount Olympus and breathed life into a encrusted old man who adorns himself with the mantle of the Hero? Or is she the maiden of Orleans, come to lead the American army in the War against Terrorism? Or will she become the Julia Vipsania Agripina and McCain Emperor I Claudius, leading this nation into bloody tragedy and dissipation?

Many mock and deride her for ignorance and naivete. But almost no one dismisses her as harmless or ephemeral. She is not stupid. Many document her lies, but the masses still believe. The truth in the Roman proverb rules: "Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur" = "The World craves deception, therefore it shall be deceived."

As our condition becomes unbearable, hopeless and uncertain, we accept deception. When the populace senses deeply in the national psyche that something ominous and tragic is about to befall the nation, it believes the gods have been sent to save us. It matters not that these gods are flawed -- it matters only that they are powerful and will direct our destiny through the valley of the shadows. And they will succeed, proclaim the people, if we follow them obediently.

Others of us tremble in fear, remembering how the great civilization of Germany, with all its riches of culture, music, literature, universities, science, philosophy and pride, forsook rationality and compassion and followed instead its dark shadow into an chamber of psychopathic madness and chaos. We all, from individuals to families, to clans to nations, have a dark side lurking within. Great souls and great nations contain this dark shadowy side by consciously nurturing the bright creative and compassionate side. But in time of extreme adversity the dark side can emerge.

As Germany lost its status, its pride and plunged into economic bedlam, it embraced its dark side. Never say it can't happen in America. America is just as capable of atrocity and madness as any other civilization, for we, too, are humans. The constant storms of war have eroded our Constitution and institutions, exposing the crags of Fascism. We are no longer the great nation of "The Greatest Generation".

I believe firmly that McCain-Palin are not themselves Satanic. But we as a people can release the Satanic empowerment from within our own selves that can enable weak leadership to lead us into tragedy. Now, as never before in our lifetime we must be eternally vigilant. We must take refuge from the madding crowd and quietly nurture our stronger side of rationality and compassion. We must become courageous in our speech and defend that which is right. We must support each other actively and whole heartedly. It is the unity and courage of good hearts which will restore us as a great people. And we must seek wise leadership.

I've been pondering all this for the last few years, but new insights came to me when a friend, Marcia Patt, sent me article below yesterday by Deepak Chopra, with her prefacing remark:
"I thought you'd be interested in this psychological/political spin on Palin. Chopra is right, of course, but we should give credit to Jung, who is the father of the shadow concept". [Marcia Patt]


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