1 Million Doors For Peace Day of Action

Go to www.milliondoorsforpeace.org/signup.php?code=tma to sign up and join the campaign effort.

We've created a groundbreaking online system to show you a list of new or infrequent voters in your neighborhood. These are exactly the people who we need to reach to bring the war to an end. On Saturday, September 20th, with your help, we'll knock on one million doors and ask them to sign our petition to end the war in 2009.

I can't begin to stress how important this mobilization is to the future of the peace movement. We've brought together a coalition of progressive organizations including MoveOn, Democracy for America, United for Peace and Justice and over a dozen others for this one national day of action.

We're less than 60 days before the most critical election in a generation. That's why the time is now to escalate our movement and send a message that politicians can't afford to ignore.

Thanks for refusing to be silent,


Ilya Sheyman
Online Organizer
True Majority.org

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