A Week Of Poetry At Idyllwild

Wednesday, July 16 2008
9:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Idyllwild Adult Arts Center

Idyllwild, CA

Douglas Belkin
DON'T MISS A WONDERFUL WEEK OF POETRY AT IDYLLWILD! Seminar teachers include Ted Koozer (former US Poet Laureate), Marie Howe, Terrance Hayes, Eloise Klein Healy, Charles Harper Webb, David St. John, Cecilia Woloch, and Natasha Tretheway. Two half-week sessions are offered (Sun-Tue and Thu-Sat), plus daily readings, panel discussions, etc. Set in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, the poet-teachers alternate with live jazz from the stage. Check it all out at:
www.idyllwildarts.org/summer/programs/adult_arts_center/summer_poetry/summer_poetry.html. This website gives directions and lists study programs, registration information, events open to the public and daily schedules. The schedule varies on Festival Days 7/15 and 7/19.

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