Lecture- A volcano in Carlsbad?

Wednesday, June 18 2008
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Agua Hedionda Discovery Center
1580 Cannon Road
Carlsbad, CA

Come on Wed. June 18 and hear Professor John Turbeville of Mira Costa share his knowledge of "volcanic plugs". Did you know there is an extinct volcano in the Agua Hedionda watershed? And according to Professor Turbeville if you were close enough to see it erupt you wouldn't have lived to tell the story. Learn about the unique geology of Calavera, how the volcanic plug we call Mt.Calavera was created, and how it differs from other formations of this type in Southern California. This special two-part program is being jointly sponsored by AHLF and Preserve Calavera and includes the lecture on June 18th and hike on June 21st. Attend either or both events to learn more about this special area. The Discovery Center is located at 1580 Cannon Rd (at Faraday)

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