Meet Sen. Max Cleland, supporter of Mike Lumpkin

American Legion Post No. 282
8118 University Ave
La Mesa, CA 91941

Senator Max Cleland

Please join U.S. Senator Max Cleland and
Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.) Mike Lumpkin
for a very special veterans' benefit:

Operation True Blue:
Veterans for Veterans

Friday, May 2, 2008
8 - 10 AM
American Legion La Mesa Post 282
8118 University Avenue La Mesa, CA 91941

San Diego is the largest military complex in the world. In fact, over 20% of San Diego's economy and population are military-related. We are home to thousands of active duty military and combat veteran families.

The mission of Operation True Blue is to help our local heroes discover the local resources available to address their unique challenges. Services range from fighting veteran homelessness to helping military families achieve the American Dream of home ownership to older veterans peer counseling recent combat veterans about the importance of getting support for the psychological effects of war.

Participation is free and veterans groups are encouraged to come to the event and distribute informational materials. Donations are appreciated and all proceeds received by Operation True Blue will be distributed among participating veterans organizations. Thank you for supporting our local heroes.

About Senator Max Cleland:
Max Cleland volunteered as communications officer for 2d Battalion, 12th Cavalry, which had been chosen for Operation Pegasus - the relief of Khe Sanh - in April 1968. Captain Cleland was on a mountaintop with his Signal team to set up a radio relay when he lost both his legs and right arm to a grenade explosion. For Khe Sanh he received the Bronze Star for meritorious service and Silver Star for gallantry in action. In 1969, Cleland was asked to testify before the United States Senate Veterans Affairs Committee to describe the difficulties veterans were experiencing returning home from Vietnam. The next year, Cleland was elected to the Georgia State Senate, thus beginning a 33-year career in public service.

In 1975, Cleland worked for the U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Two years later, President Jimmy Carter appointed him to head the U.S. Veterans Administration. As the youngest ever VA Administrator and ! the first Vietnam veteran to head the agency, Cleland instituted the revolutionary 'Vets Center' program which, for the first time, offered psychological counseling to combat veterans to heal the emotional wounds of war. There are now more than 200 Vets Centers across the country offering support to combat and non-combat veterans and their families. In 1982, Georgia voters elected him Secretary of State, the youngest in Georgia's history. In 1995, he resigned his position as Secretary of State to run for the U.S. Senate where he served until 2002. Today, Senator Cleland remains an active advocate for the veteran community.

About Commander Mike Lumpkin:
Mike Lumpkin is a native San Diegan. He served as the former Deputy Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mike has also deployed to Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and the Philippines in support of our nation’s ongoing Global War on Terrorism. Mike has a Master’s Degree in National Security Affairs and he is recognized by the Department of Defense as a specialist in both the Western Hemisphere and Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict.

As a Navy SEAL, Mike served eight operational tours and one as Commanding Officer of a Team. Mike also served as the Officer in Charge of the training and readiness of all West Coast SEAL Teams. Mike's final assignment was liaison to the United States Congress on policy and appropriation issues where he was instrumental in getting $100 million over ten years fo! r Post Traumatic Stress Disorder care for veterans and proper body armor for our troops.

Captain Cleland and Commander Lumpkin look forward to your participation and support of America's her

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