Flood US Commerce Department with Letters!

Douglas Belkin
Remember when I wrote in February that the fight wasn't over about building the 241 toll road extension? Well, I was right, it wasn't. Here's what's happening now:

According to an article this week in the San Diego Union Tribune, the US Commerce Department is now beginning to consider an appeal of the Coastal Commission's denial of a permit for the toll road. The pro-expansion side's council cited idiotic reasons such as the their arguments were never heard during the hearing (Really? During over 12 hours of testimony? Who are they kidding?) and the Coastal Commission doesn't have jurisdiction over the property in question (which they do). You know, I have to say, it's my observation (maybe yours too) that it sure didn't take too many flimsy arguments for the Fed to reconsider this issue, did it? Same old story, money talks, BS walks...

Now is time to ask our readers to rally once again against this foolhardy project. Please write or email the office US Secretary of Commerce starting April 28, as this date marks the beginning of the 30 day public comment period.

Please write to the following address:
NOAA Office of General Counsel for Ocean Services
1305 East-West Highway, Room 6111
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Or send e-mails to gcos.comments@noaa.gov.

For more information or to read the article in the San Diego Union Tribune, go to SignOnSanDiego.com News North County -Both sides press toll road issue. The article is dated April 9, 2008.

PS-I wanted to get a jump on this so that our readers get an early notice to start an email and letter writing campaign so as many as possible of our voices will be heard. The proposal of a toll road extension through San Mateo State Park is ludicrous and needs to be stopped. This event will continue to run on our website through May 28 to remind our readers to take action.

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