Harvard professor: Obama 'best student I ever had'

Harvard law professor: Obama ‘best student I ever had’
By Populista (blogger)
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I'm not going to talk about Obama's personal experiences, I'm going to talk about one of his teachers and supporters, why his support means a lot to me and why it is critical that we elect someone who will appoint good judges.

First up, Laurence Tribe. Tribe is is a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School and probably the foremost liberal constitutional law expert. He is one of the co-founders of the progressive American Constitution Society that was founded to counter the Federalist Society. He represented Gore in Bush v. Gore and if he was younger he would probably could have been a Supreme Court Justice. If any major liberal legal event is happening Tribe is probably involved in it.

When Barack Obama went to Harvard Law he took classes from Tribe. What did Tribe have to say about him?
"best student I ever had"

That's pretty high praise from a man like Tribe. Not only has he praised Obama, he has actively campaigned for Obama. He campaigned in New Hampshire at house parties for Obama and appeared in an ad for Obama in Iowa.

It's hard to argue that restoring the constitution isn't one of the most pressing issues facing us. And when probably the foremost constitutional scholar in America campaigns so actively for a candidate (I believe this is the first time he has done more then offer advice and legal support to a candidate) it means a lot to me at least.

My point is that we can't just elect a Democratic president if we want to restore the constitution, we have to elect a progressive president. We need to elect a president who taught constitutional law, a president who is being actively campaigned for by the foremost constitutional scholar in America. We need a progressive president who is going to stick up for the constitution even if the Republicans don't like it. We need a president that will change America.

I believe that Barack Obama is the right guy to do that. We can't take our chances and let "electability" get in the way of doing what’s right. We can't let "being tough on national security" come before the constitution. On this Bill of Rights day. We need to fight to restore the constitution.

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