Vets for Peace = Meet the Candidates

Tuesday, May 6 2008
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Unity Center - 8999 Activity Road, San Diego, CA 92126 ...
8999 Activity Road
San Diego, CA 92126

Vets for Peace Monthly meeting

May 6th, 2008 7 PM

Monthly SDVFP Meeting

Guest Speakers:
The next monthly meeting of the San Diego Veterans For Peace, May 6th promises to be a good one.

We are now up to FIVE congressional candidates for our May 6th meeting with the addition of Mike Copass (53rd) and Vickie Butcher (52nd).

Please bring friends and family to meet and hear from these five candidates in the 50th, 52nd and 53rd congressional districts.

Nick Leibham - Candidate for 50th Congressional Seat (Bilbray incumbent)

LTCol. Mike Lumpkin (USN) - Candidate for 52nd Congressional Seat (Hunter incumbent)

Mike Copass - Candidate for the 53rd Congressional Seat.

Bring prospective members, friends and neighbors

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