Roy Zimmerman's show comes to SD

Friday, June 27 2008
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Acoustic Music San Diego
4650 Mansfield Street
San Diego, CA

Rick Hall
Hi all,

I just got word that Roy Zimmerman is coming back to San Diego!

Roy Zimmerman tickets for this concert are on sale now at

While more information on this event will be forthcoming, here is a little information from the show's promoter, Carey Driscoll:

Since we all had such a great time at Roy Zimmerman's FEB show, and with a new CD to be released in June (with a couple of the songs having been recorded at his February AMSD show [no, you won't get any royalties, even if you can prove that one of the people laughing is you!]), we've got Roy coming back on June 27 for another show.

The new CD, entitled "Thanks For The Support" (I'm sure you remember the song of that name), comes out just before the upcoming conventions, as the presidential campaign enters what must surely be it's 10th year (No? It only seems that long?). By that time, the Democrats, having badly damaged their chances for victory (if ever there was an award for "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory", these clowns will have earned the perpetual trophy for it) may have been forced to draft Al Gore (if he can be raised from the dead), or go back even farther for the dynamic Michael Dukakis (now who's going to vote for someone who's name sounds like what a 4 year old calls human waste?).

OK, I guess I better leave the political humor to Roy -- so plan to come back to see him on June 27.

But in one final (probably not really "final") attempt at humor from me, a riddle:
Q: What's the new slogan of the Iraqi Army?
A: Be Allah You Can Be

Hey, I heard that groan!

Carey Driscoll

Call (619) 303-8176 for more information.

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