True meaning of Veterans Day

Fernando Suarez del Solar
On this day when we remember our veterans and express our gratitude for their service it is troubling to know that military recruiters are invading our schools on a daily basis in order to enlist our youth for wars that may or may not be legal. It would seem that our nation believes it is more important to have young people in boot camp instead of learning the skills that will lead to a new generation of peace and justice.

I am saddened to see 10-15 year olds in military uniforms at schools which should be temples of learning and peace. Are we living in a militarized state disguised as a democracy?

In all the cities of this nation we find homeless people without medical care, without anything except their memories. And for many these memories are of death because they are veterans, the same veterans for whom the president and other hypocrites make speeches and raise banners. But can these homeless veterans attend the fancy ceremonies given in their honor? Can the mentally and physically damaged veterans of the immoral war in Iraq dine at these elegant banquets? No, because these ceremonies are reserved for the powerful who everyday are destroying innocent human lives and spending the nation into historic levels of debt.

Veterans' Day should be a day of reflection, of prayer, of asking ourselves why we need a special day to remember these courageous men and women. Why is it important to have a day for war heroes? Would it not be better to celebrate students who can receive a quality education and dedicate ourselves to promoting programs of social uplift that lead to respect and equality for all?

On this Veterans' Day I submit that it is time to end the hypocrisy, time to end the crimes committed in the name of "democracy" and "freedom," time to remove Bush from the White House.

Enough is enough!
(Translated by Jorge Mariscal)

Fernando Suarez del Solar.
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