In memory of co-founder of NCCP, Shelli Hallidy

Rick Hall
I will always remember Shelli Hallidy as a sweet, sweet spirit, an amazing person of unflinching character, a strong leader for the peace movement and a true American patriot.

With Shelli, peace was never about conservative VS liberal views. That is, she felt that protecting our nation’s youthful soldiers from needless war was everyone’s responsibility.

And whether you are Republican or Democrat, Green or Libertarian, you simple have to admire her courage and tenacity in fighting for a cause she believed in.

From organizing an educational “Movie Night” and a candle-light vigil for our soldiers, to reading the names of the fallen at a somber Arlington West display, Shelli always inspired me to do more. She even put me in touch with Dan Connor who wrote the song “Boom Boom”, and I became a video editor for the cause.

Shelli, it looked to me, had plenty of money and a good career. She didn’t personally have a child fighting in Iraq. She was set. She could have just gone about her business, enjoying her life. Like many Americans, she might simply have “gone shopping” when our president gave the order to do so after 9/11. She could have vacationed and traveled the world. She could have spent time relaxing on the idyllic beaches of Carlsbad.

But Shelli simply was not the kind who could enjoy her life knowing that others were suffering; our soldiers dying, the Iraqi children, women and elderly who were victims of collateral damage, the young men and women coming home from Iraq with amputations and brain injuries.

Shelli was active almost all the time. From holding event planning meetings in her garage to walking in a protest march, she was always there when her health allowed.

She was literally quoted or otherwise had her name in print dozens of times in the last few years. One thing she enjoyed doing was writing letters to the editor of the North County Times. One of my favorite exchanges took place over the new year of 2005.

A man writes into the North County Times accusing Fernando Suarez Del Solar of providing aid and comfort to the enemy simply because he had provided food and medicine for Iraqi children.

Shelli begins with a quote from the famous weapons inspector Scott Ritter,

“I can teach a monkey to wave a flag, but I can't teach a monkey to read the Constitution,"

Then Shelli writes:

Blind patriotism is dangerous. John Schueler's letter of Dec. 30 proves he has learned well how to wave a flag. Pledging one's blind allegiance to a misguided and deluded leader is irresponsible. Pledging one's allegiance to humanity and the principles of democratic government with all people created equal under the law, however, conforms to the principles of our Constitution. Schueler's brand of patriotism is dangerous and leads to violent, pre-emptive wars. U.S.A. uber alles doesn't work either.

Schueler accuses Fernando Suarez del Solar of treason for delivering food and medicine to Iraqi children, and that by doing so is "adhering to our enemies, giving aid and comfort to them." By what perverse logic are the innocent children of Iraq our enemies? They are the victims of Bush's inhumane aggression.

What patriotic sickness of mind believes innocent children to be enemies of our state?

I think, that this letter embodies beautifully the principals that really concerned Shelli and shows the true compassion and kindness in her heart that she held for all humanity.

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