Statewide Vigils for Healthcare

Friday, October 19 2007
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

1350 Front Street
San Diego, CA

Nina Hall
Health care vigils begin at noon on Wednesday in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego and will continue in many places through noon on Friday.

Join us to demand something better than the fake "reform" of requiring people to buy insurance they can't afford or that won't cover the care they need.

Tell the Governor to put meaningful reform back on the table. Join us as we stand together and make our voices heard.

This vigil, which began today at noon, has now been extended to cover a 48-hour period!
Wednesday, 10/17, 12:00pm - Friday, 10/19, 12:00pm

10/17, 12:00pm: Kick-off press conference

10/19, 11:30am: Closing festivities and deliver quilt to the Governor

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