Elizabeth de la Varga apearance at Balboa Pk

Saturday, September 29 2007
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

War Memorial Building
Park Blvd and Zoo Drive
San Diego, CA 92103

US Atty Elizabeth de la Varga speaks at Balboa Park

Elizabeth de la Vega, author of "United States v George W. Bush, et al
comes to San Diego!

Elizabeth de la Vega was Assistant US Attorney Minneapolis, a member of the Organized Crime Strike Force, and Branch Chief, San Jose CA -

So, like Patrick Fitzgerald, her specialty has been prosecuting people who break the law.

In United States v. Bush et al, de la Vega lays out an actual indictment of the Bush Administration for crimes committed based on violation of U.S. law. She then proceeds to take the reader through a simulated presentation of the indictment to a grand jury.

In short, she brings Bush and his cohorts to the court of justice and makes them subject to the rule of law. (Buzzflash)

The very process of getting those subpoenas out there, getting witnesses out there, getting this evidence that we already have in the public record, into a hearing format, is essential. The more we can illuminate the truth, the more people are going to understand ... we have to have these hearings in Congress. That is what Im advocating.

WHERE: Balboa Park, War Memorial Building.

Here is a detailed MAP

The War Memorial Building is located at the north end of Balboa Park at Park Boulevard and Zoo Drive, across from Roosevelt Middle School. Take Hwy 163 South to Park Blvd Exit. Turn left at Park Blvd the continue to the San Diego Zoo. Street parking available on Zoo Drive, Park Blvd., or in the north end of the Zoos parking lot.

Please join us for a splendid evening, with a special introduction by

Professor Marjorie Cohn, President, National Lawyers Guild,

author of Cowboy Republic: Six Ways The Bush Gang Has Defied The Law

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