The truth as seen by a frontline soldier in Iraq

E-Mail message from a frontline soldier in Iraq
SGT Walker ends his message with "please send this out to as many people as you want." And I'm sure he'd welcome responses from you.

June 24, 2007

From: SGT Walker, Jason
> B CO 1-64 AR BN
> 6/24/2007

>>>>> >Hello everyone!!!
>>>>> > Well its been a couple of weeks since my last
>>>>> >letter to the group. I just want to start off by
>>>>> >saying that it has been one of the toughest times of
>>>>> >my life and without your prayers I don't think I wold
>>>>> >have made it this far. If it hadn't been for the Lord
>>>>> >that's for sure.
>>>>> > Keep your prayers up my friends. The Army is in
>>>>> >a reaaly bad spot right now. What we hear our
>>>>> >leadership telling the American people isn't the case
>>>>> >at all really. The common line soldier is not being
>>>>> >heard. I want you to know the truth. The truth from a
>>>>> >soldier from the gound in the middle of Bagdad.
>>>>> > We are not making progress. I can tell you from
>>>>> >the last time I was here in 05 that we are fighting a
>>>>> >whole new beast. Instead of a few individuals from a
>>>>> >different land we are now fighting the whole country.
>>>>> >The streets are empty. The people that supported
>>>>> >liberty and freedom have long been killed or have
>>>>> >moved. I cleared a group of houses the other day that
>>>>> >was at least 50% abandoned. The only people that seem
>>>>> >to want us here are the people we put in power.
>>>>> > How is this a Godly war? How is forcing our way
>>>>> >on another country that doesn't want us here the right
>>>>> >answer. Sure the government we put in place needs our
>>>>> >help, yet we gave them power for which they aren't
>>>>> >inclined to give up too easily.
>>>>> > This county is in the middle of a civil war.
>>>>> >They tell us we are on Iraq's side. Well Iraq wants to
>>>>> >be free to fight thier own battles, Sunni and Shiite
>>>>> >alike.
>>>>> > Alll this being said it's not the fight for
>>>>> >freedom that upsets me. If I saw citizens dragging
>>>>> >terrorists in the streets and wanting Liberty I would
>>>>> >gladly give my life for that cause. That is not the
>>>>> >case at all. The people keep thier mouth's shut and
>>>>> >therefore the Terrorists leave them alone. Thats all
>>>>> >they want anyway.
>>>>> > Well an Army is held together by a "cause" . A
>>>>> >cause to hold the soldiers together, a cause to give
>>>>> >them some cause for sacrifice. Four of my close
>>>>> >friends gave that sacrifice the other day. Death is
>>>>> >part of a soldiers life. It is the accepted risk. The
>>>>> >price for Liberty. The hardest part has been
>>>>> >justifying thier sacrifice. Is so many good many lost
>>>>> >worth the freedom of a country who doesn't really want
>>>>> >us here. I say no.
>>>>> > When is this going to stop? When is enough,
>>>>> >enough? Please we need your help. The common soldier
>>>>> >needs your help. The soldier that signed up to serve
>>>>> >and protect his country with no political gain needs
>>>>> >your help. The command is not representig the truth.
>>>>> >They are representing thier careers. It is costing you
>>>>> >your son's and daughter's lives. Please stand up and
>>>>> >help us. Bring us home!! Bring your sons and daughters
>>>>> >'s time.
>>>>> > I am a believer in my Christ Jesus. I pray
>>>>> >everyday that the Lord will bring His wisdom down on
>>>>> >the leadership of our country. I believe that these
>>>>> >people have seen nothing but violence their entire
>>>>> >life. How are we bringing them any difference. Christ
>>>>> >looked at the individual. We need to help this country
>>>>> >one person at a time with the love of Christ. The Lord
>>>>> >will bring His Judgement when the time is right. There
>>>>> >are good people here, yet they are ruled by fea

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