'Rabid Rob' strikes again, but gets blown away

INSIGHTS - by Wayne Strache
“Rabid Rob strikes again”
Wayne Strache responds to local goose-stepping hack

North County Times

Letter to the editor
Pub. June 2, 2007

Offer viable solutions, not just criticism

Richard Crews' letter on May 9 was quite enlightening. Richard ended his letter by quoting, nearly verbatim, Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto. Sounds like Richard wants communism. Is that true?

Fast forward to his letter of May 20, where he enlightens Don Dalphin with such invectives as: "incompetent and stupid ... house of cards ... he rats out ... lousy ... dead-enders ... nailed to their seat ... like an F student ... like an alcoholic ... Bushite cultists." Yada, yada. Just more squealing and whining. Other than to quote Karl Marx, when has Richard or his "crew" ever offered viable solutions?

There are those of us who believe Richard and his ilk should be nailed to their seats, like F students, and be forced to witness history. Can Richard name one, just one good thing that has come from socialism or its evil Big Brother, communism? Incessant ranting, raving and name-calling will never get Richard his way. Quoting Karl Marx and his dead religion is just that ńń dead. Richard can rant all he wants, but Marx, Engels, Castro, Chavez and their filthy religion are dead. May they rot in the dustbin of history.

Rob Edwards - San Marcos

Wayne Strache’s Response:

Subject: "Rabid Rob Strike Back!"
["Can Richard name one, just one good thing that has come from socialism or its evil Big Brother, communism?"]

The first thought that came into my mind when I read this letter was, "How could anyone be this ignorant"?
Then I saw it was from Rob Edwards and that answered my question.

How about Social Security and Medicare, collective bargaining, the 40-hr. workweek, minimum wage, immigration and child labor laws, more equitable ditribution of wealt and a large economically vibrant middle-class just for starters Rob?

The benefits of US-style capitalism?

About a dozen wars including Viet Nam and Iraq, The Great Depression, The Third Reich, astronomical health care and energy costs, homelessness, the mass slaughter of indigenous peoples, the destruction of the environment just to name a few.

And truth be told, the rise of Stalinist communism in the 20th Century is directly attributable to horrendous abuses of the capitalist "industrial revolution" and the miserably failed capitalist systems in the countries where communism took hold.

What Rob doesn't seem to comprehend is that the US is not a purely capitalist system and that there are just as many good things (if not more) about life in the US that are directly attributable to socialist influences on our economic system as there are from capitalism.
But in order to understand any of this ol' Rob would need to get some of his information from sources other than renowned socio-economic experts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the corporate-owned media.
His biggest problem is that he doesn't understand that the term "useful idiot" is just as applicable to mindless, ignorant tools of the capitalist elite as it is to anyone.

-W- [Wayne Strache]

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