Sheehan calls it quits. Step up, America!

Who Will Take Cindy Sheehan's Place As SPOKESPERSON?
May 28, 2007
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To answer the question of who will take Cindy Sheehan's place as spokesperson, first we must ask who CAN take her place. What one person can do all the work of making policy change happen in America? The short answer is that NO one person flying solo can do that. Even Cindy herself could not do that, and notwithstanding her own personal valor she never even had a chance of doing that. Because democracy can only happen when each of us speaks for OURSELVES.

Where did the people ever get the idea that they NEEDED a spokesperson? It's really the same thing with our members of Congress. We can't just depend on them to automatically represent our interests just because we voted for them, unless we are constantly telling them what we want them to do. And when they dramatically fail to represent the will of the people, as last week in the latest appropriation for the occupation without accountability or end, who is to blame if the people are not continuously pressing their petitions for grievances?

Last week is profound evidence that STILL not enough of us are speaking out yet.
Of course the pathological failure of Congress to press for impeachment, and of Cheney in particular, is diagnostic of all other ills. Until Congress actually confronts a criminally out of control White House there is fundamentally nothing to constrain them from smirking and sneering their way to even greater disasters for America in the next 18 months. Impeachment is the one thing that Congress can do which cannot be vetoed or stalled in the courts they now predominantly control with crony appointments.

Do you want a peace movement to succeed? Understand that until the day they are constitutionally removed from office there can NEVER be even a glimmer of peace. And the best place to start is by removing the least popular, and most guilty, of them all.

So have you, or have you not, voted in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll?

And even if you have, still read on for there is so much more you need to do. We sometimes get emails from people demanding to know from us why this has not happened yet. And when we read such an email the first thing we do is look at the bottom to see if they have added the following THREE LINES to their email signatures, as we have asked everyone to do.

Sign the petition to Impeach Cheney.

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