Church revokes facility use forVFP Sheehan speech

Palm Springs, CA

April 12, 2007
Church revokes its use for CINDY SHEEHAN Palm Springs visit.
Vets for Peace seeking new facility


Father Green of St. Paul Episcopal Church in Palm Springs called this afternoon to say his church has changed its mind and will not enable VFP to use their churchn hall for a speech by Cindy Sheehan. Last week local newspapers ran the story about Sheehan's planned April 21 speech that was free and open to the public. VFP received 2 complaints from church members. One member threatened to have a picket line.

Father Green told the church that VFP was an outside group. Green said he does not have the time to spend on this controversy among his church members and that this is not his issue. He described Cindy as "controversial" and upon his own research Green pointed out that he disagrees with Cindy's allegations that President Bush is a terrorist and a murderer.

One member of the church told Green that he opposes Bush and the war but Sheehan is not "credentialed". Green apologized.

The church will have a sign on the door to say Sheehan will not be speaking there. Flyers have been distributed across the Inlan Empire. Father Green is a respected person in the community and has spoken out against the war. He has done a lot for the Desert AIDS Project.

Accounts of Casey Sheehan's death show he had improper equipment. Also tha Blackwater security (mercenaries paid by our own government) had been intentionally shooting innocent Iraq civilians in the buttocks withexploding bullets. This led to a retaliatory ambush by the Iraqi's in that area.

VFP is looking for a new home. Because of Cindy's travel schedule, Sunday April 22 actually is the best date. We feel that VFP can pay a rental fee.

Please call Tom Swann at 324-5670 or Tracy Turner at 325-5112 with your suggestions.

tom swann

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