Dynamite speakers at critical PDA Metro meeting

Urgent MEETING - THURSDAY, APRIL 19 - 7:00 PM !!

Come on down at 6 or after, and join us for a meal prior to the meeting!

Two Featured Speakers:

(1) -Farouk Al-Nasser, Ph. D

Topic: Update on Iraq, Reality on the Ground, a Visual Presentation

An Iraqi native, Dr. Al-Nasser spent seven months in Iraq and two months in Jordan and Lebanon. There, he dealt directly with the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), US and foreign companies doing business in Iraq, decision makers at the Iraqi Ministries, business leaders in the private sector, University professors, intellectuals, members of his own family in Iraq and the average person in the street.

Now, he is in contact with his family and close friends in Iraq at least twice a week, getting the latest information on the security, development and political situation in the country, which his family and friends there describe as “dire and deteriorating”. Dr. Al-Nasser is a delegate to the Convention.

<2) -Dr. Bill Honigman, PDA California State Coordinator

Topic: Convention Overview: The Organizing, the Action, and the Road Show! The PDA Inside/Outside Strategy comes in force to San Diego!

CA Democratic Convention this month in SD
What you can do to make this Convention an event which puts the Presidential Candidates’ and the California Democratic Party’s feet to the fire. How you can be part of this effort! You do not have to be a Delegate to be a PDA in action at the Convention! Sign Ups at our Meeting!

Organizing: The Resolutions - PDA members stationed at the Resolutions Committee from 3:00 pm Friday until they stop. We will work together to get our Resolutions passed - Out of Iraq/No Invasion of Iran without Congressional Approval/get the CA National Guard Home/Impeach Bush and Cheney/Clean Fair Transparent Elections/Stop No Child Left Behind’s feeding children’s names to Military Recruiters/and more.

PDA Tabling: California PDA Chapters will take a turn staffing the PDA Table for two hour stints.

Action: Stage Sign Demonstrations for the Resolutions

Collect signatures on their behalf at Rules Committee authorized times to force it/them to the floor on Sunday for vote! (Especially Impeachment)

Rapid Action/Immediate Response activities will be generated from the PDA Table-

The Action Suite - Shared with the Progressive Caucus - Saturday night with Barbara Lee and ??? - this is no Hospitality Suite, but it will be most hospitable! We are into Action!

PDA’s assigned to each Presidential Candidate’s Hospitality Suite - get the PDA message out to the Candidates. They will remember us and our message!

The PDA Outside Strategy - non-Delegates- (delegates will be tied to Convention Activities and many non-delegates will be working inside)

Road Show: The PDA San Diego Show - Thursday April 26- night before Convention!

Pot Luck with Tim Carpenter, Mimi Kennedy, authors Normon Solomon and Steve Cohen, and others being confirmed!

Help us stage the greatest California Event prior to the Convention

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