Bob Filner visits Vets for Peace for Forum

Tuesday, April 3 2007
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Church of Today, 8999 Activity Road 92126
8999 Activity Road
San Diego, CA 92126

Rep. Bob Filner will be guest speaker and visitor with the SD Veterans for Peace at their regular monthly meeting. He is an ardent supporter of our veterans, and has been advocating putting in place rapidly a strong medical infrastructure for the flood of wounded and disabled vets returning from the Bush War. One of the few true progressives from San Diego County, he voted AGAINST the Bush War on Oct. 10, 2002. Most House members were duped by the Bush-Rumsfeld-Powell deceptions, but not Bob Filner.

A former history professor at SD State University, he is a member in progressive American organizations, including the Sierra Club, Common Cause, ADL, ACLU, NAACP and MAPA.

Filner will take questions from members, who are urged to accord him respect for his ardent support and work for veterans affairs. Vets for Peace are keen to ask how they can support Rep. Filner in his efforts, and how we can pressure other SD representatives to better support veterans. Filner is regarded as one of the best friends veterans have.

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