Surprising concessions from John Yoo on the war

Surprising concessions from Bush's Architect of TORTURE
By Dave Patterson of Ramona


Hello good people:

Last night [Feb. 12] we attended a debate at USD with John Yoo, professor at the University of California Berkeley, and architect of the Patriot Act. Yoo debated with USD School of Law Professor Mike Ramsey on the constitutionality of President Bush's war powers.

Generally I was disappointed in the content of the debate, and I find Professor Yoo's position allowing President Bush unlimited authority frightening, for obvious reasons. However, I do agree with 3 points that Professor Yoo made.

First, that the Congress does have the power to revoke the war powers granted President Bush in 2001. Second, that Congress can prevent President Bush from increasing the scale of existing wars including Iran, by passing such legislation. Third, that Congress is likely not to take action to stop the war by cutting funding, due to political reasons.

After hearing Mr. Yoo, I am even more convinced that we must increase our pressure on Congress, through letter writing and telephone calls. I ask that you please put aside the time to take action as outlined below. Pass this to all you friends and acquaintances, with a like passionate and
personal plea. We do not have much time to corral the madman. We must stop Bush now!

Plan of action:

1. Write you Congressman and Senator with this suggested content. You can find the address and phone numbers of your representatives at this website:

Mail a hand-written letter

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you want maximum impact, send a hand-written letter instead of an e-mail. A hand-written letter is worth more than 100 e-mails. Send letter to Harry Reed as follows:

Senator Reid
Lloyd D. George Building
333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 8016
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Senator Reid :
It is clear to me that President Bush is acting outside the constraints of
legal and responsible stewardship, by using the military power of the United
States to wage war in Iraq.

It is further clear that Congress has failed egregiously in its
responsibility under the Constitution by abrogating the authority to wage

To stop the current conflict and prevent future reckless actions by
President Bush, it is imperative that the Congress immediately reestablishes
its war making powers.

Toward that end I demand that you immediately pass legislation to:

1. Revoke and rescind unconditionally all war making powers previously
granted to President Bush regarding Iraq.

2. Pass legislation that makes it clear to the President he does not
the power to take military action in Iran or anywhere else, in any fashion,
without the Congress first declaring war as outlined in the Constitution.


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