Make San Diego aware of our war dead

Sunday, January 21 2007
12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Aircraft Carrier Midway
1355 N. Harbor Drive
San Diego , CA 92101

Make the public aware of our war dead

Fellow Vets and supporters:

The San Diego Veterans For Peace joined by other peace loving citizens will read the names of U.S. Military Casualties in Iraq. The goal is to convey the cost of the Iraq war to the public. January 21, 12 Noon to 3PM starting at the Midway Museum, San Diego Ca. Thirty persons will simultaneously read all 3,000+ names, rank, age, date of death and military service. Readings will take about 20 minutes. The group will then proceed to another location on the waterfront and read the names again, continuing the process for 3 hours.

We will end the readings back at the Midway Museum at 3PM, where we will be joined by members of the interfaith meditation for peace group. They will participate in or observe our last reading and then we may wish to join them in their 20 minute silent vigil for all the people killed or injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We need more volunteers to read the 3,025+ names of the fallen on
January 21 on the San Diego Waterfront.

Dave Patterson


Stop the SURGE -
Stop slaughtering our troops!

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