3,000 troops killed - Vigil Monday at Balboa Park

Monday, January 1 2007
4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Balboa Park - Across from Naval Hospital
Park Blvd. and President's way
San Diego , CA 92101


CANDLELIGHT VIGIL for 3,000 troops KIA

A candlelight vigil to commemorate the 3,000 Americans killed in the Bush War will be held across the street from the Balboa Naval Hospital on Park Blvd. (At the intersection of Park and President's Way).
WHEN:Monday, January 2 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
The Vigil is being sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice, Activist San Diego, Veterans for Peace and other organizations. Info: http://www.sdcpj.org/ or call 619-263-9301 or 619-757-6691

In all the bloodlusting for the neck of Saddam Hussein, Americans have been distracted from a very harsh truth: 109 American troops have been killed so far in December, making it the deadliest month of 2006.

Message from the Vets for Peace:
"Hello good people

By a strange coincidence, Saddam Hussein was hanged on the same weekend that our Iraq war dead will surpasses the 3,000 count. The Saddam hanging will be the primary news item across the land with the 3,000 war dead buried on page 8 of the newspapers, unless we do something about it. This memorial, attended by concerned persons of the County, will help us keep the public aware of the cost of this war.

Joining other peace groups to memorialized the 3,000 deaths, Veterans For Peace will hold a candlelight vigil in Balboa Park, across from Balboa Navy Hospital. The vigil starts at 4PM New Years day, January 1. We ask that you bring a few candles and Dixie cups, a lighter, a jacket, and as many friends as you can muster. Veterans For Peace will have 30 lighted crosses, one for every hundred war dead in Iraq, and we ask that you to help us read the names of those killed.

Please join us on this candlelight vigil. America must be made aware of the tremendous cost of the senseless war in Iraq.

Dave Patterson
San Diego Veterans For Peace

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