A rational and workable plan to exit Iraq now

Rick Hall
Reframing the debate on Iraq
by Rick Hall, Publisher of Progressive Post

Nov. 20, 2006

For years, the Republicans and pundits have given us just 3 choices, as far as I can tell, as solutions to the war in Iraq. Now that we progressives have helped the Democrats take both houses of congress, it is time to expose the reality that there are never so limited a number of solutions. Indeed, in his world there are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of brilliant people and surely each could come up with a unique solution.

We have been told the only three solutions are:

1) Stay the course (Bush administration and lapdog Republicans)

2) Cut and run (Bush Admin and lapdog Republicans suggest this is OUR strategy)

3) Stay and run later (Seems to be the Democratic strategy of stay for a while and then leave)

I’m certainly not the world’s smartest guy, but I’m willing to contribute a “plan” that might work. I hope this plan inspires you to write your own. Let’s get lots of plans out there. If Carl Rove can find 157 ways to steal an election (2000,2002,2004), surely we can find at least a dozen or more ways out of Iraq. So here it goes…

I think finding a solution to the problem requires first being honest about why we were there to begin with and really understanding why the factions are warring with each other. This really isn’t hard to do.

We all know we were lied to about the reasons for going to war. Not weapons of mass destruction. Not 9/11. Not terrorists in Iraq. Not to finish “daddy’s war”. Not even to save the people of Iraq from an evil dictator; Bush has high regard for despots.

No, all these things were lies. It is always about the money. It is as simple as that. Invading Iraq is big business. If you think I’m wrong, check out Robert Greenwald’s Iraq For Sale. First, the people who make bombs make money. The Carlyle Group (www.carlyle.com) is a holding company ranked as one of our nation’s largest defense contractors. The Bin-Laden family sat on the board of directors along the Bush family. Bush’s family makes money when bombs are dropped.

Rebuilding Iraq is a profitable business for Halliburton, awarded no-bid contracts in Iraq and Dick Cheney’s stock options are making a fortune every time KBR burns up another $80,000 truck in a pit because they didn’t have spare fuses and parts.

But the best part is, the oil. Controlling the flow of oil gives oilmen like the Bush family a great ability to manipulate the price per barrel, and somebody’s getting rich off of those insane profit margins!

OK, so we went into Iraq for the money. Keeping the entire country in a state of anarchy is also a great environment for stealing. This is the answer to the question, “why didn’t Rummy send more troops as requested by the generals on the ground”

So now you can understand why the Iraqi people aren’t too fond of us right now. But why are they shooting at each other. Again, we (and they) hear more lies. Let me tell you what it ain’t. It’s not about religion. How many religions do we have in this country? Do you see us in a constant state of civil war over it? Of course not! The reason is, again, the money. The 3 main factions in Iraq are warring over money. Who will control the oil? Who will have access to the ports? Who will get the best jobs? Where will the graft flow?

Why not get out now?
I was watching Chris Mathews last night on MSNBC and he was asking his panel, “Why not get out now?” What are we going to do (besides kill more US Troops) by staying another year and then leaving?

I think he is on the right track. There really is no point to staying. What I think you do is pull out Halliburton & all our other contractors as well. Then, pull out our troops. We give some advanced warning on this to the Iraqi government, so they do have some time to prepare. For example, 90 days. Then, you

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