I give thanks for Nancy Pelosi

The House of Hastert vs. the House of Pelosi
I give thanks for Nancy Pelosi
INSIGHTS - by Joe Howard Crews

Nov. 23, 2006

These have been the worst of times. Now they can be the best of times. These words have been written before, in The Tales of Two Cities. Now they apply to The Tale of Two Houses - the House of Hastert and the House of Pelosi.

These same words have just now been re-written by Alice Walker in her new book, “We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For”. Yes, WE are the ones we have waiting for. We are our own hopes, we are our own dreams, and we gather this Thanksgiving to share of our hopes and dreams with each other.

The good people of America now awaken after our dark and tormented nightmare - this journey of collective madness into the dark side of America from which spring fear, hate, avarice and despair.
We are our nightmare, for we collectively designed and created it. We choose to engage in war and delusions of the glory of war; we sacrificed the blood of our working poor for corporate greed; we poisoned the well from which our children with will drink the toxins of debt, penury, ignorance and fractured dreams.

How did the wellspring of the great American dream become poisoned with these terrible toxins, and how can we tap back into the living waters? The answer we find within ourselves, for we are both our own dreams and our own nightmares.

As our minds tingle from the first rays of new light, we struggle to awaken, frantic to flee from the clutches of the terrible nightmare world. We are still haunted. Did all these horrible things really happen, we wonder. If not, then how is possible for good people to dream of such terrible things? How is possible for good people to find dark fascination in the terrible tortures and debauched acts? Are good people imbedded with a secret dormant chamber where resides such evils?

We still feel the dark side within ourselves. We cannot separate from our nightmares.

How long will memories of this terrible madness continue to haunt us? Will they, like the memories of Vietnam, never die, just slowly fade away into the foggy past, like old soldiers. Are dark dreams messages sent to warn us? Can they tell us how to abort our destruction?

Evil spirits inhabited the House of Hastert. Many seek to prove their lack of culpability by projecting their own evil onto spirits which they conjure up. Some accept the full weight of guilt, permitting it to fracture their souls, rendering them dysfunctional.

A rare few fill with genuine remorse, find redemption, turn their lives around and give back to the Universe. Many others, however, defiantly reject charges of wrongdoing, acknowledge no guilt, refuse to admit duplicity and continue in their ways. Such are the hard-core Neo-cons and central leaders in the Administration. These are the dangerous men, the dark dreamers and schemers who promote false and destructive ideologies and policies to lead the nation in the wrong direction. It is they who will continue to endanger our nation, until they are imprisoned and debunked.

Most of us were infused to some degree with the Zeitgeists of fear, hatred, anger and greed. We ask whether we were evil men or just men seized by evil spirits? Do we bear responsibility for giving permission to these spirits enter our psyche? Now we aspire to expiate and cleanse our souls, but, being unable to capture the evil spirits, are wont to castigate our fellowmen instead. We want to break them, cast them into the fire. Yet we know that by breaking and burning them, we break and torment our own selves. For when we sever bad members from us, we will continue to suffer their pain in our phantom limbs. We are not immune from the evils of others, nor they from us.

Evil ruled in the House of Hastert. Men were seized by greed and power. Unholy alliances were forged to hide execrable and horrible d

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