Police taser UCLA student inside Powell Library

UCPD Shoots at UCLA Student Inside the Powell Library
Posted on Wed Nov 15, 2006 at 04:50:55 PM EST

UPDATE: Here is the VIDEO via KNBC.
Amazing and surreal. I could never imagine this happening in the library while I was a student.

Officer in Taser case identified.
Terrence Duren has been the subject of two other use-of-force complaints.
By Charles Proctor and Richard Winton
Los AngelesTimes

November 21, 2006

The UCLA police officer videotaped last week using a Taser gun on a student also shot a homeless man at a campus study hall room three years ago and was earlier recommended for dismissal in connection with an alleged assault on fraternity row, authorities said.

UCLA police confirmed late Monday that the officer who fired the Taser gun was Terrence Duren, who has served in the university's Police Department for 18 years.

Your can view the video captured by another student by CLICKING HERE (Democracy Now).

Duren, who was named officer of the year in 2001, also has been involved in several controversial incidents on campus.

In an interview with The Times on Monday night, Duren, 43, defended his record as a campus police officer and urged people to withhold judgment until the review of his Taser use is completed.

"I patrol this area the same way I would want someone to patrol the neighborhoods where I live," he said. "People make allegations against cops all the time. Saying one thing and proving it are two different things."

While he would not directly talk about why he used the Taser on the student, he said a videotape of any arrest doesn't necessarily tell the whole story.

"If someone is resisting, sometimes it's not going to look pretty taking someone into custody," he said. "If you have to use some force, it's not going to look pretty. That's the nature of this job."

A student's cellphone video of the incident has been broadcast around the world and focused much criticism on the officer.

But Duren who was back on duty at the UCLA campus Monday night said he can roll with these punches and wants to explain himself to students critical of his actions.

"In this line of business, you have to have a thick skin," he added. "I am proud of my service as a cop."

The incident occurred about 11 p.m. Nov. 14 in a library filled with students studying for midterm examinations.

Senior Mostafa Tabatabainejad, 23, was asked by Duren and other university police officers for his ID as part of a routine nightly procedure to make sure that everyone using the library after 11 p.m. is a student or otherwise authorized to be there.

Authorities said Tabatabainejad refused repeated requests to provide identification or to leave. The officers decided to use the Taser to incapacitate Tabatabainejad after he went limp while they were escorting him out and after he urged other library patrons to join his resistance, according to the university's account.

The video shows portions of the incident, in which Tabatabainejad can be heard screaming in pain when the Taser shocks are administered.

The tape, which has been broadcast on the YouTube website and TV newscasts, prompted widespread criticism both on campus and from outsiders. On Friday, more than 200 students held a march to the police station, while acting Chancellor Norman Abrams tried to quell the critics by announcing an independent investigation of the Taser use. Abrams said UCLA had received numerous e-mails and calls from concerned alumni and parents.

Tabatabainejad's attorney, Stephen Yagman, said his client was shocked five times with the Taser after he refused to show his ID because he thought he was being singled out for his Middle Eastern appearance. Tabatabainejad is of Iranian descent but is a U.S. citizen by birth and a resident of Los Angeles.

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