STOP fraud in Your Precinct

Stop Fraud in Your Precinct

Upload Results for Real-Time Election Forensics on Election Night!

Go to

(1) Download and print the data collection form

(2) Go to your local poll at close of election, and copy data from the publicly-posted poll tally tapes

(3) Return to , enter your data in webform, and send

Election Day Rapid Response Data Analysis Project will compare precinct results to county tabulator results and flag discrepancies.

Be Prepared for Election Day Problems!

Make sure your voter registration has not been purged - "google" your registration: .

Verify the location of your polling place:"

Voter IDBring the following to your precinct when you go to vote:

A photo ID or two forms of non-photo ID
Any mailings you received from your County Election Office (voter card, polling place locations, etc.)
A cell phone so you can call 1-(866) Our-Vote / 1-(866) 687-8683 for English and espaņol, or 1-(888) Vey-Vota / 1-(888) 839-8682 para la ayuda en espaņol
Read the latest election theft exposes at . Prepare for other election-stealing strategies at and and .

Listen to
and you might collect a reward of up to $500,000 for information leading to overturning a House or Senate race and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

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