Video of the Misadventures of a Diebold Machine

Watch the midnight adventures of a diebold voting machine!

What kind of misadventures can befall a Diebold voting machine that is not secure?

Watch this online video now to see -- and then forward this to everyone you know!

A recent Princeton study demonstrated how the results of an entire election could be changed by hacking into just ONE Diebold voting machine. And machines are now being stored in insecure locations throughout California -- and yes, even in poll workers' garages!!

Secretary of State Bruce McPherson knew this, but he certified these machines anyway.
As your next Secretary of State, I will restore people's confidence in our democracy and safeguard our elections. Please forward this email to every California voter you know so that we can get our message out.
Have a little fun and watch this online video now -- and then forward email to everyone you know!

Debra Bowen
California State Senator
P.S. Please help us get the truth out about Secretary McPherson's failure to safeguard the right to vote here in California.

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