45 Peace Team members running for Congress

Will Bush start another war to throw the November election?
By Stacey Tallich - candidate for Congress in Lousiana

There is just no other way to put this; it is plainly self-evident and clear. The War in Iraq is a complete failure. George W. Bush’s dream has wrought nothing but death and destruction to both the United States and Iraq.

t’s no secret the Bush administration will dig deep into the bowels of depravity to keep their own fat out of the fire. It doesn’t matter who has to die to accomplish that goal either. The theme of cut-and-run politics Bush has on America’s moral authority around the world seems to be adding a new layer of despotic opportunism, in the face of another historic failure.

While North Korea has tested its first nuclear bomb as a direct result of Bush’s gross incompetence, a bait-and-switch looks to be in the works.

According to reported sources, the Bush administration intends to launch an unprovoked carpet bomb attack on the sovereign nation of Iran, for the sole purpose of trying to influence the upcoming election in his favor.

Would Bush sacrifice our national security against the current threat of North Korea, for a country that poses no threat for 10 years or more? The only thing missing from this scenario is the pretext to sell to the American people.

If true, we could be looking at another attack in the United States or against the United States within days carrying a "Gulf of Tonkin stench. Never one to be accused of having an original thought, Bush will do anything, ANYTHING, to prevent Democrats from taking over the Congress.

Bush’s fear is merited. Defeating tyranny is the mission statement of this country, and for that reason, he’s scared.

The only question, are we going to let him get away with this? If he does start a third war on the heels of two failed ones, what will you do? What are you doing NOW, to insure a democratic victory?

Iraq is making terrorism worse. It's a breeding ground. We're sowing seeds to a bitter fruit we never wanted and certainly don't need. We need to leave as soon as possible without creating a regional war. We are not helping the Iraqis by staying. They are building their imperfect institutions and they must live with the result.

We need to get out of Iraq as soon as possible. We need to take quick action to hold those responsible for the greatest error ever perpetrated on America.

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