Republican Party in moral meldown

Joe Crews
Republican Party in moral meltdown.
Who will lead us back into the light?
INSIGHTS - by Joe Howard Crews

Oct. 3, 2006

We know night has descended when darkness devours the sunset’s last colors, and we can no longer find our way. We know our land is in darkness when our spiritual leaders fail to speak out with the full force of moral authority against degrading and inhumane treatment of persons our president capriciously designates as enemies. We know barbarity has descended upon America when so-called gentlemen defend torture, and our solons use their lawyerly skills to legalize and rationalize degrading and inhumane treatment of prisoners. And we know personal morality has evaporated within the halls of Congress when the top leaders suppress and lie to conceal disgraceful scandals.

On Sep. 27, at 4:45 PM, our own solons, Rep. Darrell Issa, Brian Bilbray, Duncan Hunter and their colleagues voted to lead this nation into this dread new darkness, subjecting the human persona absolutely to the oppressive power of the state. Bush has led us from the light of the dignity of the individual and his inalienable, God-given rights, and led us into the netherworld of absolute right of the State to abuse and torture in whatever way the President decides.

The president immediately signed the Bush Torture Authorization Bill into law.

Fearful and hard-hearted men will argue many convoluted and fine points of law, ethics and religion, to justify torture for the greater good and protection of the “chosen people”, just as they did in Nazi Germany. We must wake up and see what is happening to our country.

Aside from the Magna Carta of 1215, beyond the intent of our founding Fathers and our own Constitution, and beyond the principles of habeas corpus, we must each look within our own soul, listen to the inner voice, and ask God if is morally right for one human being to torment, torture, degrade and dehumanize another human being, created in the image of God. Or do we not believe that we are all sacred creatures in this Universe and believe not that God and the Universe intended sentient creatures to treat each other with fundamental respect.

This election is not about politics. It is about human dignity and the ascendance or regression of civilization. It is about the integrity and decency of our leaders. It is about the soul of America.

The Achilles heel of politicians
This administration brazenly generates war, torture, atrocity and exploding bodies of “enemy” children; they can confront genocide with a comfortable blindness; they steal from future generations of Americans by mortgaging their future, depriving them of decent health care and education; they ignore destruction of our Constitution and civil rights and tolerate the oppressive intrusions of an all-powerful government -- but they cannot deal with their own sexuality. Sexuality is the Achilles heel of many politician.
Republican politicians are paranoid and terrified when dealing with sexuality, especially homosexuality. This is the small bomb that sends them diving for cover and that explodes their air-tight world of morality.

We saw how they sought to destroy the Democratic Party and impeach Bill Clinton over a sexual dalliance, an act between consenting adults. But their own world explodes when confronted with their own sexual matters. How brittle and fragile this little world view of morality.

When one believes that the sun and planets revolve around a rigid concept of morality, one is forced to contrive convoluted and bizarre explanations and rules to explain away reality. When one denies the reality of human sexuality, one must similarly contrive a bizarre world of rules and beliefs.
If such paranoid men could accept and deal with sexual reality, theirs would be a much simpler and more mature world.

I speak now of Rep. Mark Foley, a gay congressman who chose to live in<

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