Push for 'Bring Home our CA National Guard'

Wednesday, August 16 2006
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM


Hopefully you've heard the incredible news that AJR36, our resolution to Bring Home our CA National Guard is FINALLY going to be given its day in Committee, the Veteran Affairs Committee this Wednesday, August 16th at 2:30p.m.

We know it is far away but do you think any of the North County Folks will be willing & able to join us Wednesday? Also, Assembly Member Chavez of the Vets Committee, is waffling in his support for passing AJR36 to the floor. We're hoping you all will be willing to call or visit his office before the 16th.

PHONE Asmbly Committee member Chavez: phone:916-319-2157 & 626-961-8492

We NEED all Peace activists & our allies who possibly can to show up in support of AJR36 at the State Capitol at 2:00p.m. We anticipate the pro-war veterans will be out in force - especially as this is the Veterans Committee. So we are begging everyone to seriously consider calling in pink, taking the afternoon off, coming to the state capitol to help be our strong presence for peace.

This is it - we only have these few weeks to get AJR36 to the floor before our Legislature adjourns for yet another year - no one, including our guard, Iraqis, Californians, can afford to postpone this resolution yet another year. We cannot allow it. Join us - your presence is important and necessary!

Will you help us spread the word too? THANKS so much!

Together we WILL end this war

In Pink Peace,

The HardCore National Guard Working Group

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