Saturday, August 19 2006
12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Oceanside Pier - North of the Pier
400 N the Strand
Oceanside, CA 92049

The number of killed in action in the Bush-Iraq war is fast approaching 2,600. While this nation has yet to establish a memorial of any kind for these patriots, Vets for Peace holds that every life is sacred and should be honored now.

Traditionally, Arlington West is viewed by MANY young Marines, who often find the names of their buddies on the display of crosses in the sand. Note that this is not an anti-war or campaign event. It is an "awareness" event: the intent is to allow people to see the real cost of war as represented by the markers in the sand and the candles after dark.

It is indeed a moving experience and we invite everyone to participate and bring your family and
friends. They will be impressed by the sheer quantity of the carnage.

This event is non-confrontational. We do not make statements of "peace" at this event. We tell people... as we look them in the eye... that this is honoring those who have died in the "occupation of Iraq" and we let the power of the memorial speak for itself.

It takes over 4 hours to set up the crosses on the beach, and Vets for Peace graciously accept any help we can get from those who would like to volunteer to help us. Setup will begin early at 8:00AM.

You can send an e-mail to -- VetsForPeace. -- or you can just show up and introduce yourself to any of us. Our objective is to touch hearts with the terrible cost of war.

This event is sponsored by the SD Vets for Peace and the North County Coalition for Peace and Justice.


September 17
, March with Americans for a Department of Peace, Kids for
Peace., Balboa park. Hours TBD.

September 23, Arlington West Balboa Park, 6th and Laurel. Setup 8AM, Event
noon to 6PM.

October 7, Arlington West Palm Springs. Hours TBD

November 10 Arlington West Veterans day, Moonlight beach
Encinitas.....Pending approval of permits.
NOTE: This is 3 days after election day.

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