Article Submission Guidelines

Rick Hall

  1. Keep it original - please only submit your own work.
  2. Keep it progressive - Right-wing nut-bag articles will not be included in the Progressive Post as the
    publisher believes that market is already saturated.
  3. Keep it passionate. If you write about a topic you believe in strongly, it will show!
  4. Keep it true. Please don't spread rumors. Many internet hoaxes can be vetted at
    Remember, there is plenty of horror to write about that is true - progressives need not make up issues.
  5. Include your true name and email address. We will not share you email address, but we do need to verify
    our authors are real people. Your name will be included with your article (if published).
  6. Long or short? That's up to you. Stop when you feel it is in the best interest of your subject.
  7. If you are not published, please don't be discouraged. We may have scheduled your article for a future publication date. To date, we have published many more articles than we have rejected. Your odds of getting published are good. We have a liberal publication policy because we believe strongly in freedom of speech, and because "The People Know Better"

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