Sunday, July 9 2006
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The San Diego Calumet Peace and Anti-War Art Exhibition
1098 Ninth St.
San Diego, Ca 92101

Experience this moving art installation by Paul Vauchelet in tribute to the many volunteers that took part in the Carlsbad and Temecula "Bring Their Buddies Home" Living art memorial and to honor all of America's finest sons and daughters that have fallen in Iraq and their families.

Take this rare opportunity to meet this Arrendondo's from the Cindy Sheehan organization, "Gold Star Families for Peace". Their emotional story has been reported world wide. They have been seen on national television and heard on radio and written about in the national press. Meet them in person and find out how this "accidental" war dramatically impacted them and continues to impact thousands of other families. Their moving words and powerful descriptions of their experiences will leave you wondering about your self, your own limits and limitations. Their experiences will make you think, make you question. They are ordinary people just like each of us. Every one of us could be in their shoes. Their powerful words will stir your heart, wrench your gut, boil your blood and leave you wondering, why isn't every American already involved with putting a stop to this "Illegal" war and bringing all of our children home.

Join us, experience, the energy when art joins the peace movement. Performance Art, 60's and Contemporary Peace and Anti-War Music, Art, Photographs and Memorobilia, Vocals and Native American Drums by Ahote'.

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