Innocent Child Victims of War need your help

Wednesday, May 31 2006
6:45 PM to 8:45 PM

Pilgrim United Church of Christ - Sanctuary
2020 Chestnut Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 20008

This is a way we can help

Innocent Iraqi children have been tragically affected by the occupation of their homeland. Many have been physically injured and horribly disfigured.

In the United States, there are only a few compassionate organizations which are bringing some of these injured children to the US for surgeries, to receive prosthetic limbs, or to have vision repaired or restored.

NCCPJ is proposing that our members take action by reaching out to the larger community to bring awareness to this worthwhile cause. We want to raise funds to defray some of the costs of one of those groups, California based NoMoreVictims, which provide help exclusively to Iraqi children.

Cole Miller of NoMoreVictims, (Take a look at the
site and then come right back!) will meet with NCCPJ on Wednesday May 17th at our scheduled meeting in Carlsbad. He will present his short video about the project to bring Iraqi children to the United States for surgeries to correct their American-induced injuries.

Our intent in fundraising for this group is two-fold. First, we raise money to help innocent victims of our tragic war against Iraq. And second, we raise American awareness of the victims of this illegal war. We hope such awareness will bring an end to the tragedy of our war against children.

This project is unlike anything NCCPJ has ever done and has the potential to be monumental for some victims. We want to form a committee (one member has volunteered to head it) to take action and need a few more volunteers to help. Please consider your interest: Do you have compassion for these little children? We welcome people of all political parties, all faiths, all communities.

If you ARE interested, consider whether or not you are able to work on this cause with people who may have supported this administration, who might be fundamentalists or who might not agree with your opinions. If you can OPEN your heart and keep your opinions in check, perhaps you should consider working on this positive, worthwhile, long-range project.

May 31 - Pilgrim United Church of Christ

We ask for our community's help. - To launch this humanitarian project it has been suggested that on Wednesday, May 31, a special presentation take place at Pilgrim United Church of Christ. The evening would include a showing of a short documentary (approx. 30 min.), a featured speaker from and a Q & A session for a total time span of about two hours. We intend to raise thousands of dollars and educate hundreds or maybe eventually thousands of people in this ongoing campaign.

Donations would be accepted and all proceeds would go to
Please contact at Marge Farrelly e-mail . or 760 798-1987 if you want to volunteer or have suggestions that would help make this proposal a reality.

And take a look at the website NoMoreVictims to see the kind of work they do.

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