Ask Gov. Brown to sign bill: stop DRONE SPYING

Did you know that right now in California police are legally allowed to spy on you and your family using drone surveillance without a warrant?! It’s just creepy and wrong on so many levels.
The CA State Legislature just approved bipartisan legislation to protect Californians from having their privacy invaded by drones. And now Governor Jerry Brown needs to hear from YOU before he decides whether to sign or veto this critical legislation! The clock is ticking.

SIGN THE PETITION to tell Gov. Brown to sign AB 1327 to require police to obtain a warrant before using drones to conduct surveillance on citizens.

A sweeping majority of Americans (76%) are strongly against unwarranted drone surveillance, as I am sure you are too.(2) In fact, I can’t think of any other issue today on which Americans stand so united.

It's a basic American principle that police need a warrant before they can invade our privacy and put us under surveillance. So how is this even a debate? But powerful law enforcement interests oppose AB 1327, and as we speak they are trying to sway the governor to veto this bill.

We must come together and speak out RIGHT NOW to give Governor Brown the courage to do the right thing. JOIN us to ask him to stand up for common sense oversight of police drones!

One key thing to note is that these “police drones” are military surveillance equipment that could be used to spy on our own citizens. Coming off the heels of the severe police misconduct we saw in Ferguson, Missouri, we should be VERY skeptical of local police being able to use military gear without a warrant. The drones could even potentially be used for high tech racial profiling or to monitor political protests and scare folks away from exercising their free speech rights.

This is a chance for California to lead the nation. AB 1327 is a desperately-needed, positive step forward for civil rights, public safety, and personal privacy that could set a precedent for the rest of the country. And YOU can help make it law!

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